Meet Wes Owen

In our new “Meet Our Team” series, we’ll be sharing interviews with members of the Net Atlantic staff so you can get to know us a little better. First up is Wes Owen, our VP of Technology Operations!

Read on to learn more about Wes and what makes him tick.

How I Spent My Sabbatical: Anthony Monti

As part of Net Atlantic’s goal to promote a healthy work/life balance for our employees, we have a unique sabbatical program.

What’s a sabbatical? Well, once an employee has been with us for 7 years, they are able to take three months off to travel, focus on creative projects, take classes, volunteer, or use the time in whatever way will best help them restore their energy and refresh their perspective.

Earn Rewards! Exclusive Email Sender Rewards Program Announced

We’re excited to announce a new first-in-the-industry email Sender Rewards Program.

The Sender Rewards Program rewards email senders by refunding money back to the sender based on subscriber email engagement, specifically message opens and clickthroughs.

Product Update: New User Interface Themes

Net Atlantic strives to improve its products and services all the time. And with the ever-changing landscape that is Internet Technologies, there’s neither time nor opportunity to sit on our laurels. There are always updates to be made and new functionalities to support. But, really, we would be making improvements and changes anyway because we believe in giving our clients the added value that they stick with us for. What’s more, we have entire committees dedicated to coming up with new and exciting innovations and product features that we can potentially add to our already expansive list of offerings. No joke.