Segment, Personalize, and Target Your Subscribers

Effective email marketing is more complex than simply sending an email blast to your entire list. You can increase performance exponentially by targeting a subset of your subscribers, personalizing the email message, delivering customized campaigns that are sure to prompt a response, and performing remarketing based on their interaction with your campaigns.

Join us for the 2015 Email Evolution Conference

Plan now to join us for the Email Evolution Conference (EEC15) February 2nd-4th. This year’s event is being held at the Intercontinental Miami.

Learn advanced techniques and strategies to improve your email and digital initiatives!

Ready for 2015? Here are 5 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For

As you lay down the foundation of your 2015 marketing outreach strategy, you’ll need to stay ahead of the curve by connecting with your audience through your online marketing efforts. In 2015, it’s going to be all about micro-targeting, paid media, targeted content, responsive design, and marketing automation. Over the last few years we’ve observed that marketers have been focused on better targeting strategies—one-to-one communications—for engaging customers and prospects, rather than one-to-many.

Targeting for the Win (a 3 part series)! Part 3: Segmentation Suggestions

Do you know which segment your clients are in? Many companies segment clients and prospects by simple demographic based data. For example, size of company, title, location or geographical area. Unfortunately, using this method makes it difficult to align marketing messages with customer pain points or purchase stages. It would be better if B2B marketers improved their customer knowledge by differentiating between the types of customers they have.

Earn Rewards! Exclusive Email Sender Rewards Program Announced

We’re excited to announce a new first-in-the-industry email Sender Rewards Program.

The Sender Rewards Program rewards email senders by refunding money back to the sender based on subscriber email engagement, specifically message opens and clickthroughs.

Targeting for the Win (a 3 part series)! Part 2: Effective Segmentation

If you read part 1 in this series you already know the value of segmentation. But do know how to effectively segement your email list? Let’s explore that now.

Audiences are influenced in different ways by different types of content. If you sell numerous products, or are targeting more than one group, then it makes sense to profile your audience and divide them into small segments so that you can market specific products to specific groups, or create your message to suit the characteristics of the different segments.

Targeting for the Win (a 3 part series)! Part 1: The Value of Segmentation

A company that treats all customers and prospects the same speaks to everybody, and thus nobody. Rather than using a “one size fits all” approach, identify the most likely targets for a product or service. Use email to get to know customers better, and then serve them more relevant content.

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