It’s Spring! Time To Make Your Email Garden Grow

Ah, spring… The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and new life is emerging everywhere. Apologies for getting all poetic – winters are very long here in New England, so we get a little overexcited when spring finally arrives.

Since it’s the season of renewal and fresh starts, it’s a perfect time to take a look at your email marketing program and plant the seeds for growth and new business. And, as you might suspect, it starts with your email list!

Discover why email is at the core of a multi-channel marketing strategy. confirms what we at Net Atlantic already know, email is, was, and will continue to be the core driver of customer engagement. Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave Marketing and author of The New Inbox: Why Email Marketing Is the Digital Marketing Hub in a Social and Mobile World acknowledges that social media is a valuable tool, but it’s not the most effective way to drive sales. “If you have just one bullet left in your gun to sell something, then email should always be that bullet.”

Today’s consumers, in both the B2B and B2C markets, are entrenched in a multifaceted online universe. Information is coming to them from many sources-websites, social, mobile, texts and tweets, press releases, blogs and online ads. The trick is to drive your customers to your content. The information is static until you give them a reason and a mechanism to explore your piece of the universe. What’s the trick? Why, it’s email, of course! Email plays a key role in driving traffic to all other channels.

Should you use video in your email campaigns?

Lots of people are talking about using video in email marketing. And many  love the idea.

After all, video can be more emotionally engaging than a more traditional email with text and images. And, emails with video content tend to have better open, click-through and conversion rates, as well as improved engagement.

Sure, that all sounds great. But is using video in email easier said than done?

How to use social media to boost your search rankings

How to use social media to boost your search rankingsThings are changing in the world of SEO. Building backlinks to your site increases your brand’s credibility – and a great way to build those backlinks is through social media.

Now is the time to harness the power of social media to improve your search rankings.  Here’s how:

8 great ways to use images in social media posts

When you include them in your social posts, “photos get 7 times more likes and 10 times more shares than links,” according to Dan Zarrella.

With that in mind, here are 8 great ways to use photos and images in your posts to get more likes, comments and shares:

4 tips for using Twitter to grow your email list

If you’ve been following the blog for the last several weeks, you’re probably aware of how to use social media to grow your email list – and how to use your email list to get more followers and fans on your social networks.

So now it’s time to get a little bit more specific. Here are four easy tactics you can start using today to boost your email sign-ups:

You got the Facebook “Like” – Now what?

Getting those coveted “likes” for your Facebook page is great – but it’s only the beginning.

So what do you do next?

Read on for 5 tips on how engage your new Facebook fans and keep them coming back.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: Can they work for you?

You may have heard that LinkedIn recently launched Sponsored Updates, providing a way for your company to reach LinkedIn members beyond your existing audience.

But can they work for you? Read on to find out.

6 Simple Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

Why should you encourage your email subscribers to engage with you on your social networks?

Well, not all your customers and prospects want to engage with you at the same level. And each medium (email, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) gives your audience an opportunity to connect with you in a different way. For instance, email is great for some, but others might prefer the lower commitment of following you on Twitter (especially if they are new to your brand). Rather than lose them altogether if they decide to unsubscribe from your list, you can make them aware of the different ways they can stay in touch with you. They can decide what’s best for them – and you can keep them in the loop.

In addition, by giving your customers and prospects many different ways to connect with you, you’ll broaden your reach over time. This contributes to the growth of your brand – and your bottom line.

So how do you get started? Read on!

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