It’s Spring! Time To Make Your Email Garden Grow

Ah, spring… The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and new life is emerging everywhere. Apologies for getting all poetic – winters are very long here in New England, so we get a little overexcited when spring finally arrives.

Since it’s the season of renewal and fresh starts, it’s a perfect time to take a look at your email marketing program and plant the seeds for growth and new business. And, as you might suspect, it starts with your email list!

Social media can be a great place to grow your list. Think about it: You’ve already got fans following your Facebook, Twitter and other social pages. They have shown that they want to keep up with your organization and stay in the know about what you’re up to. So they are ideal candidates for joining your email list as well!

With that in mind, we’ve made it easy for Net Atlantic customers to use Facebook to bring in new subscribers.

The Net Atlantic Facebook Email Adder application allows Lyris users to quickly and easily place a sign-up form on your brand’s Facebook page.

Setup is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your company’s Facebook account.
  2. Click here to add the app to your Facebook business page.
  3. Once the page loads, click the Install App Now button.
  4. Upon installation, you’ll automatically be redirected to the personal page associated with your business page. Navigate back to your business page and the new app should appear just below your cover image.
  5. Click on the app to activate it.
  6. Log into Lyris  with your email manager credentials.
  7. Choose which list you want to associate with your Facebook business page.
  8. Create a post to let your fans know they can now easily sign up for your email list from right there within Facebook.

It’s as easy as that!

Have you installed the Net Atlantic Email Adder app on to your Facebook business page? Let us know how it’s working for you in the comments below!

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