How to Use Email to Promote Your Social Media Accounts

by Hayley Martin


Social media is a key aspect in today’s world, whether it be for businesses, influencers, or personal enjoyment. As a business, making your social media platforms appealing and easy for others to access is extremely important. Using email to promote your social media platforms is a great way to capture the attention of others and conquer your business goals.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, eighty-three percent of B2B marketers use email newsletters for content marketing purposes. Having social media for your business is important as technology advances and since now most people rely on the internet for their information and learning about a business. When people are trying to decide if they want to purchase a product or service, they look at reviews, but they also check a company’s social media presence to be sure they are a reliable and trusted company. Having active social media platforms can be appealing to people and make your business more trusting. In the emails, you should make sure: the email has appealing images and limited words to grab the attention of the recipients, it’s organized and easy to navigate, and that the emails are sent at the right time to be sure they are being read. You should also be sure to include buttons promoting your social media accounts at the bottom of each email so that consumers and businesses are aware of your social presence.

Appealing Images and Limited Words

If the emails are nothing but words and in paragraph form, chances are that people are not going to take the time to read through all of it. You need to be sure to include bullet points to keep everything brief and easy to read. Start by giving your audience a call to action to gain their attention right away, then, use the bullet points to tell your audience why they should follow your social media platforms. To get through to people, you need to get right to the point. Along with bullet points, the emails need to be appealing and eye-catching. Just using bullet points will not be enough to fully get through to people. If there are images or even interactive links, it will capture their full attention. Including pictures of your social media platforms, screenshots of your social media posts, or including eye-catching links to your platforms will engage your audience. The perfect combination of bullet points and images/interactive links will be the key to promoting your social media.

Branded Email

Organization is the key to looking professional and a well put together company. Having your emails branded for your desired audience makes them more likely to continue reading. If your emails appear unorganized, unfamiliar, hard for the reader to get through, they are most likely going to stop reading since it lost their attention. Having your social media platforms separated with bold headings will be easy to read. If the platforms are all pushed together in the email and not separated in any way, the reader will never be able to get through your promotion. Along with using bullet points and appealing images, this will help people keep their attention on the email and interact with your social media platforms.

Sending Emails at the Right Time

Being punctual and understanding when your audience reads your emails will help you further understand when you send out your emails to promote your social platforms. When targeting other businesses, you should send emails during business hours, as this is when they are checking their work emails. When targeting a consumer, you should email in the early morning or the nighttime. This is when they have more downtime and are more willing to want to check your social media.

Links or Buttons on Each Email

With each email you send, you can gain more attention to your social media platforms by creating interactive buttons that include links to your platforms at the bottom of each email. Not every email you send is promoting your social media platforms, but to actively promote them, always include links to them at the bottom of the page where readers can easily find them and leads them directly to your page.


Using the four techniques above, you and your business will be sure to attract the attention of other businesses and consumers. They will be able to view your social media platforms so you will have more eyes on your company. If these tactics aren’t gathering enough attention to your social media, you can also simply send out emails specifically promoting your social platforms! In the emails promoting your accounts, be sure to tell everyone why they should follow you on social media and what advantages it could have for them. Promoting your social media platforms via email is the best way to know that others are receiving your emails and can effectively interact with your social media platforms.


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Hayley Martin is a rising senior at Wells College. She is currently on the Wells College Women’s Soccer Team and is pursuing a career in marketing after graduation. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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