You got the Facebook “Like” – Now what?

You got the Facebook "Like" – Now what?

Getting those coveted “likes” for your Facebook page is great – but it’s only the beginning.

So what do you do next?

Read on for 5 tips on how engage your new Facebook fans and keep them coming back.

Tip #1: Communicate well and often

Start a conversation. Ask your fans what they want to see from you. Experiment with your content, and try different strategies and tactics to see what catches their interest or gets the most likes and shares. Be consistent, and eventually you’ll find a strategy that works.

Tip #2: Be engaging

Encourage comments, likes and shares. Invite your fans to engage in your community by employing polls, contests, videos, eye-catching graphics, etc. And be sure to respond to comments as frequently as possible – daily if you can.

Tip #3: Give them value in exchange for their time

If you want them to visit your page frequently and engage with your community, you must give them valuable content that makes and impression. Think about how you can create unique and relevant posts that helps your community grow personally, professionally, or both. What makes you and/or your company stand out? How are you different? What do you offer that no one else can? Emphasize your uniqueness and value in all your content.

TIp #4: Get to know them

Take the time to know and understand your audience. This is a basic marketing principle, and it most definitely applies to social media. Who are you targeting? Why are you targeting them? The more information and demographics you can gather about your audience, the better. Make good use of the stats provided by Facebook Insights. Really dive into that data and figure out how you can use it to provide great content that will resonate with your community.

Tip #5: Have fun!

Use your Facebook community to show some personality. People want entertainment and inspiration. Take some time to focus on educating your community about your business, products, services, or industry in an entertaining or inspiring way. Give them something they’ll notice and (hopefully) share and remember. Don’t use Facebook as a vehicle for incessant self-promotion, though. That gets old really fast, and you’ll lose your fans as quickly as you gain them. Provide entertaining, educational or inspiring content around 60% of the time, and your community will know that you really are interested in helping them, not just promoting your own offerings.

Have you had success in retaining your new Facebook fans and growing a strong community around your brand? What tips would you add to the ones above? Feel free to share in the comments!


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