Earn Rewards! Exclusive Email Sender Rewards Program Announced

We’re excited to announce a new first-in-the-industry email Sender Rewards Program.

The Sender Rewards Program rewards email senders by refunding money back to the sender based on subscriber email engagement, specifically message opens and clickthroughs.

Net Atlantic is committed to working with email marketers that deliver relevant content their subscribers are engaging with, and we’re pleased to offer a method of rewarding their good sending practices.

The factors that influence email deliverability are changing. In fact, email marketing engagement metrics have become the leading determinant of whether an email message reaches the inbox or bulk sender folder. This engagement data provides ISPs a view of whether subscribers are interacting positively or not with email messages they receive.

As email deliverability has become heavily weighted on user engagement, NetAtlantic has designed the Sender Rewards Program as a way to give back to our customers.

All new clients are eligible to participate in the program. Enroll today and begin earning credit with your very first mailing!

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