Product Update: New User Interface Themes

Net Atlantic strives to improve its products and services all the time. And with the ever-changing landscape that is Internet Technologies, there’s neither time nor opportunity to sit on our laurels. There are always updates to be made and new functionalities to support. But, really, we would be making improvements and changes anyway because we believe in giving our clients the added value that they stick with us for. What’s more, we have entire committees dedicated to coming up with new and exciting innovations and product features that we can potentially add to our already expansive list of offerings. No joke.

Examples of these efforts include the development of our Facebook Email Adder App, which allows you to grow your subscriber list from your very own business Facebook Page, and our Subject Line Grader, a handy web tool that evaluates your email subject lines for compliance with sending best practices. Some of these features were developed in anticipation of our customers’ needs but a lot of them also come from suggestions they’ve made to us directly.

And now, Net Atlantic is proud to announce the release of another new feature: our clients will soon see the visual retheming of our Professional and Enterprise level email marketing solution platforms. We spruced up elements of the application interface to make for a nicer, more personalized and slick user experience. Giving our customers the ability to select the look of the application with the various themes we’ve provided gives them the opportunity to make their email marketing experience that much more theirs.

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