The Basics of Email Marketing Metrics

If the mere thought of interpreting raw data or analyzing charts about your marketing makes your skin crawl, you are not alone. There are plenty of intelligent, creative marketers out there who struggle with the numbers game of marketing.

Top 5 Reasons People Unsubscribe From Your Email Communications

Few things are more deflating for an email marketer than experiencing the joy of someone signing up for their email list, only for that person to unsubscribe a few days or weeks later. A prospect should always move down through the sales funnel, but when they unsubscribe from your email communications it means they are going the opposite way.

The Best of our Blog 2014

As we close out the year and think back on how the industry has continued to evolve and thrive, it becomes readily apparent that, despite the many changes in technology and consumer habits we’ve seen, email still remains the best way to reach your audience. You get that. So do we. To that end, this blog has been your source for email marketing best practices, tips and strategies.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Emails for Better Inbound Marketing

By Lindsey Framer

What communication strategy are you using? Are you pulling prospects in or just pushing your information out? Chances are your customers aren’t going to appreciate you very much, if you just “spray and pray.”

It’s not an email blast.

Healthcare Email Marketing: Reach Your Target Audience

Every industry has different needs, and whether you send account notifications, online publications, or timely announcements, you need to select the right channel for your business. In this post, I focus on the health care industry in particular.

Email Engagement: Inbound Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Do you know that email has an ROI of 4,300%?1 As of 2014, 182.9 billion emails are sent/received per day, worldwide. 2

As a marketer, in verticals like Higher Education or Political, harnessing the power of email and combining it with Inbound Marketing practices allows you to guide your audience to specific, relevant content. Segmenting your audience based on demographic or behavioral data allows you to tailor your content so that it educates and nurtures them as they move from one stage to the next in their Buyer’s Journey.

No Excuses! 14 Easy Ways to Engage your Customers with Email

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is creating an ongoing dialog with their customers. They get caught in the trap of only sending emails to their customers when they have something new to sell. The truth is, continuous email engagement with your customers is key to building relationships and keeping your company front of mind.  How do you create that ongoing dialog? What can you say that will make it easier for you to engage your customers with email?

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