The Best of our Blog 2014

As we close out the year and think back on how the industry has continued to evolve and thrive, it becomes readily apparent that, despite the many changes in technology and consumer habits we’ve seen, email still remains the best way to reach your audience. You get that. So do we. To that end, this blog has been your source for email marketing best practices, tips and strategies.


Let’s take a look at some of the content we’ve served in 2014 to better enable you to become the expert your business needs to succeed:

Targeting for the Win (a 3 part series)! Part 1: The Value of Segmentation

value_of_segmentationA company that treats all customers and prospects the same speaks to everybody, and thus nobody. Rather than using a “one size fits all” approach, identify the most likely targets for a product or service. Use email to get to know customers better, and then serve them more relevant content. Read More

5 Ways to Optimize Your Emails for Better Inbound Marketing

email_keyboard_imageWhat communication strategy are you using? Are you pulling prospects in or just pushing your information out? Chances are your customers aren’t going to appreciate you very much, if you just “spray and pray.”  It’s not an email blast. Read More

HTML Email: The Perils of Copy ‘n Paste (Part I)

blog-draganddropWhile the title may sound like some sort of Hardy Boys mystery (albeit a genre-confused tale involving electronic mail and word processing), it’s really only the preface for a more mundane happening involving two other lesser-known but widely-used siblings: Control-C and Control-V. Read More


How Email Fits Into Your Multi-channel Engagement Strategy

Multi-channel_image2I recently read a great article, Email is Still the Best Thing on the Internet, by Alexis C. Madrigal, about the history of email. What struck me was the realization that I was in the industry during that time and remember most of it. So as I read it, I really thought about how far email has come and how well it still plays into today’s current strategies, including multi-channel engagement. Read More

3 Practices to Perfect Your Email Effectiveness (SlideShare)

3_practices_titleThe days of blast and batch emails are long over. Now, the tendency for customers that receive generic, unfocused marketing messages is to hit the delete key without ever opening your email. You need to give the recipient a reason to open your email. Read More


No Excuses! 14 Easy Ways to Engage your Customers with Email

31_reasons1-770688-editedOne of the biggest challenges marketers face is creating an ongoing dialog with their customers. They get caught in the trap of only sending emails to their customers when they have something new to sell. The truth is, continuous email engagement with your customers is key to building relationships and keeping your company front of mind. Read More


How Actionable Intelligence Increases Your Email Sending Capabilities

SiftLogic_GraphicDid you know that 17% of Americans create a new email address every 6 months and that 30% of all Americans change their email address at least once annually? Those are alarming figures if you are serious about keeping your data relevant and continuing your consumer reach. Read More


Boost Email Engagement via Layout and Function – Infographic Download

Email_layout_inforgraphic_thumbnailDepending on your email’s purpose, the layout must harmonize with the content to provide the best vessel to communicate your message. This encourages email engagement and leads to more interaction (higher click-through rates on your calls-to-action) from your recipient. Read More


Rolling Out a Successful Lifecycle Marketing Campaign

lcmblogpostartwork1Not too long ago, one of our clients was asking about the best way to roll out a lifecycle marketing campaign (LCM or drip). For those of you who are not aware of what an LCM campaign is – it is an email marketing technique for sending multiple messages to a group of subscribers in an automated fashion. This client’s goal was to increase qualified leads in order to boost sales. Read More


One Size Fits All is A Thing of The Past

responsive_designNow that a significant number of people read their email on devices other thana computer (be they smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and the like), you’ve got to wonder if the email you’re sending to them is optimized for their particular viewing experience. And we’re not talking about the email content here but its actual layout and presentation. Read More


We will continue to be your source for best practices, tips and strategies in the new year. Subscribe to our blog for great email marketing tips for experts in 2015.

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