The Best of our Blog 2014

As we close out the year and think back on how the industry has continued to evolve and thrive, it becomes readily apparent that, despite the many changes in technology and consumer habits we’ve seen, email still remains the best way to reach your audience. You get that. So do we. To that end, this blog has been your source for email marketing best practices, tips and strategies.

9 keys to writing a stellar blog post

Many people wish they had a magic formula for writing the perfect blog post.

Sadly, there is no such formula, but we’ve got nine tips that will help make it a lot easier:

How to use an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is an invaluable tool you can use to plan your content production schedule in advance.

Unfortunately, however, most businesses don’t use one. This is usually because people assume that creating an editorial calendar is difficult, or complicated, or involved. But this is not the case!

You can make your calendar as simple or as complex as you want:  super-detailed and set it in stone, or bare-bones and flexible from one month (or one week) to the next. It’s entirely up to you.

Read on to learn how to discover what works best for you, and start making the content production process faster and easier right away!

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