Healthcare Email Marketing: Reach Your Target Audience

Every industry has different needs, and whether you send account notifications, online publications, or timely announcements, you need to select the right channel for your business. In this post, I focus on the health care industry in particular.

Healthcare marketers have a full range of communication channels available to reach consumers: direct mail, email, texting, radio, websites, blogs, podcasts, call centers, social networks, TV, partner sites, and search. Although each of these channels provides different opportunities to reach particular audiences with a specific type of message, email still remains a dominant vehicle for healthcare communications because it creates greater branding opportunities, improves retention of existing patients, and nurtures future patients with personalized healthcare content.

Email marketing enables healthcare professionals to cost-effectively communicate with a distinct audience in a way that’s immediate and relevant. Doctors, medical personnel, and those in charge of healthcare marketing can use email to promote themselves and their services by sending health and wellness bulletins to patients, and important health advisories and alerts to health care providers. Custom-created content(original content published by your organization), in addition to curated digital content (i.e., supplemental news from the healthcare world), will create a powerful email newsletter for your patients, hospital administrators, and healthcare executives.

In addition to tips for creating content for your email newsletter, I recommend that you read the recent Responsive Inbound Marketing post, by Alex Watts, Industry Shout-Out: Marketing for Healthcare Organizations. Alex’s post includes three tips to help healthcare marketers reach consumers and yield more business with digital marketing.

Together with email campaigns, you can enhance your digital marketing efforts and implement a focused strategy aimed at reaching your target audience. Learn more about healthcare email marketing.


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