Email: The Backbone of Marketing

Email Marketing is the backbone of your marketing strategyEver have a BGO?

It means “Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious”. It’s a term popularized in the 1980s, but it’s still around today. Sometimes, something freakishly obvious to everyone just needs to be pointed out. Well, here’s one:

The online environment is the media of choice for information consumers.

There, I said it. And what’s more, it’s not going back.

Sending Social Emails Just Got Easier

Really, it’s a cinch:

Bottom line: when you create a mailing, use the Insert URL feature to place the social media tags you need where you want it in your email. Your readers click the tags and share the email’s permalink with the social media platform of their choice. It really is that simple!

Find out more about social media email sharing.

One is Silver, the Other is Gold

Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is Silver, the Other is Gold.

This was one of the very first things I learned as a little girl in Girl Scouts. Every so often I find myself humming the tune and singing a few of the verses that I now just barely remember. I stood around a circle and sang this song with 20 other girls so long ago and yet I still remember the lesson learned in the lyrics.

Silver shines bright. And Gold does too.
Keep them both. And they will shine for you.

Even though as young girls we were taught this lesson in friendship, as adults we can apply this message in many aspects of the business world. As I quietly mumble the words, I am thinking of how so many companies are starting out in their social media endeavors. Social media marketing initiatives are valuable, but the email marketing can still shine for you.

You have one hand, I have the other.
Put them together, We have each other.

Stand Out in a Crowd (of Words)

I just finished reading a whitepaper that highlighted the top words used in subject lines. The paper even broke down the report based on industry. The tone of the paper suggested email marketers incorporate these words into their subject lines. This left me quite perplexed.

When I open Gmail the last thing I want to see is the same word 50 times as I scroll down my inbox. I want to be captivated by a screen full of compelling words, each subject line a little different then the next. Those that have a boring string of words I want to leave unopened until I check them off and hit “Delete”.

The 46 Cent Luxury Item

So the U.S. Postal Service has now proposed to raise the cost to send a first class letter from 44 cents to 46 cents. Do you think that’s a good idea?

It costs a fraction of a cent to send an email message to anyone in the world, regardless their location and length of your message (including attachments). It usually arrives in mere seconds. It usually doesn’t matter if it is raining, snowing, or hot outside either. Compared to email, a postal letter is probably about 10,000 times more expensive to send. Simply put, a postal letter has become a luxury item.

That’s unfortunate, because I enjoy getting postal mail. As long as the ratio of bills to quality mail is reasonable, postal mail can be a great way to communicate. For cards and letters, catalogs and magazines, and other types of packages, there is nothing quite like getting an unexpected piece of postal mail.

From: (aka DELETE ME)

Delete EmailWhat is the best email address to use for your email marketing messages?

If you’re struggling with this question for your own campaigns, congrats! You’re thinking pretty deeply about optimizing engagement and interactivity with your readers. There are basically two schools of thought: 1) Your readers want a ‘personal’ approach and will respond to an email from their friendly sales executive named Joe instead of an impersonal, faceless corporation, or; 2) Your readers understand your brand and will welcome news and updates from your company, but will feel ‘tricked’ by your attempt to use a personal name.

Notice, in both cases, I assume you have an existing relationship with your readers.

B2B Email Marketing: It’s All in the Timing

Scheduling EmailsUse the five buyer decision stages to optimize your message.

We B2B marketing professionals think about our target audience practically every minute (It’s kind of an obsession). We know their revenue, number of employees, titles they hold, their budgets, their hobbies, and most importantly, their decision roles. This is static lead info, and we try to know as much as we can.

But what about dynamic info, that changes over time? For instance, when are people ready to buy?

Email Subject Line Tips

Subject lines -do you start every email campaign with a subject line that encapsulates the message in one easy-to-read headline? Do you make it short, easy to understand, and most importantly, shareable? Or do you wait until the last second before you send your campaign and throw a subject in as an afterthought?

Either way (and you know which way you should be doing it), here are some tips that will help you reach the inbox and will help you get your emails read.

Social Media in your Email Campaigns? Of Course!

Net Atlantic brings you email marketing with built-in social media sharing tools.

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