Stand Out in a Crowd (of Words)

I just finished reading a whitepaper that highlighted the top words used in subject lines. The paper even broke down the report based on industry. The tone of the paper suggested email marketers incorporate these words into their subject lines. This left me quite perplexed.

When I open Gmail the last thing I want to see is the same word 50 times as I scroll down my inbox. I want to be captivated by a screen full of compelling words, each subject line a little different then the next. Those that have a boring string of words I want to leave unopened until I check them off and hit “Delete”.

Sitting here thinking about the fright of opening my Gmail and seeing the same subject line over and over has me wondering if I would open every email to see what lies beneath the unoriginal subject line or if I would simply stop checking emails entirely out of annoyance.

The list of top words should have email marketers striving to create more leading-edge subject lines. You should make every effort to craft innovative strings of words that stand out when your readers are sorting through their inbox. Before you hit ‘Send’, check your own inbox. If 20 of the subject lines contain the same words you are using, how are you going to stand out in the crowd and get read?

After your ‘From:’ address the only thing that stands in the way of your email message and your reader is your subject line. Write original subject lines that capture your audience’s attention and get your emails opened.

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