The Center Of Attention: Email as a Primary Source of Content

What is The Future of Email Marketing?
By now you’ve heard the question: Is email a thing of the past? Social media is a major phenomenon in marketing, and the speculation abounds about how it will impact current online marketing methods.

Let’s answer this with a few questions of our own:

  • Has email made landing pages a thing of the past?
  • Have landing pages made websites a thing of the past?
  • Have websites made telephones a thing of the past?
  • Have telephones made storefronts a thing of the past?

You see where I’m going with this. We’ve all forecasted the decline of postcards, television ads, billboards, and every other type of advertising and marketing method based on what was new. Yet we still receive mail, drive past billboards, get phone calls, and dodge television ads every day. And every time, the new methods turned out to have drawbacks of their own that create new problems and opportunities.

Email Subject Line Tips

Subject lines -do you start every email campaign with a subject line that encapsulates the message in one easy-to-read headline? Do you make it short, easy to understand, and most importantly, shareable? Or do you wait until the last second before you send your campaign and throw a subject in as an afterthought?

Either way (and you know which way you should be doing it), here are some tips that will help you reach the inbox and will help you get your emails read.

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