Maximize the results of your next email campaign

You don’t have to wing your email campaigns on your own, hire and train a staff of deployment specialists, or stay on top of ever-changing industry standards!


  • Having your campaigns executed by an industry leader with 18 years of experience
  • Being confident that no detail has been overlooked
  • Knowing your campaigns are going off without a hitch
  • Getting the maximum results from your efforts

Grad Students from Netherlands Learn from Net Atlantic CIO Sue Bergamo, other IT Executives

Grad Students from Netherlands Learn from Net Atlantic CIO Sue Bergamo, other IT ExecutivesFor the past 7 years, Bentley University in Waltham, MA has hosted a group of executive graduate students from the TiasNimbas Business School in the Netherlands. Currently employed in mid-management positions in the fields of technology, software development, business intelligence, and security, this group of around 30 students visited the US to study, attend lectures and meet with Boston area IT firms.

Grad Students from Netherlands Learn from Net Atlantic CIO Sue Bergamo, other IT ExecutivesNet Atlantic CIO Sue Bergamo was one of three local IT executives invited to attend a round-table discussion for the visiting students on Friday, June 14. During the session, the students had the opportunity to talk with the executives about their areas of responsibility, learn a bit about each company, and discuss perceptions and challenges within the IT business. They were also able to solicit advice on how to handle specific scenarios.

Small Business Week is Almost Here!

In honor of Small Business Week 2013, we’re sharing all the reasons why we love small businesses. Check back on Monday for Reason #1!

Small Business Week is Almost Here!

Net Atlantic’s Beach Clean-up Day

As part of Net Atlantic’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, the team headed to Dead Horse Beach in Salem, Massachusetts last Thursday to clean it up and make it safer for beachgoers in the busy months to come.

If you need fresh email marketing ideas, we’ve got them

A few years ago, we here at Net Atlantic looked at our industry, our marketplace, and the array of new technologies rising up to serve them. At the time, it was clear that social media platforms were going to have an effect on email marketing, even though nobody could predict exactly how.

Today, it’s obvious that email marketing is no longer the standalone method for reaching your core audience. It’s one tool in the drawer, and it’s part of a larger array of options for reaching subscribers.

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