If you need fresh email marketing ideas, we’ve got them

A few years ago, we here at Net Atlantic looked at our industry, our marketplace, and the array of new technologies rising up to serve them. At the time, it was clear that social media platforms were going to have an effect on email marketing, even though nobody could predict exactly how.

Today, it’s obvious that email marketing is no longer the standalone method for reaching your core audience. It’s one tool in the drawer, and it’s part of a larger array of options for reaching subscribers.

This is just one of the factors that affects us today. There are also the constantly changing rules of deliverability: Each ISP has its own filter rules (i.e., Hotmail’s Sweep filtering, Gmail’s Priority Inbox), which are continually evolving and changing, and they are setting up new filters to screen messages, making it harder for marketers to reach inboxes.

At Net Atlantic, we are always looking for ways to deal with the new rules and keep deliverability high for our clients. That’s why, for more than five years, we have run our Employee Suggestion Program, to generate ideas that will help our customers and transform our industry.

Since 2005, our Employee Suggestion Program has brought dozens of innovative ideas to the forefront. Employees who make winning suggestions to improve our technology receive a small cash award. So far, the program has received more than 1,000 suggestions!

The program has already brought lots of great ideas to the table, such as video hosting, social media integration, our ease-of-use wizard, and many others. With this much innovation and creative thinking under one roof, we can promise that we’ll never run short of great ideas – ideas that you can use to get results.

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