Believe in the Magic of the Season!

Believe in the Magic of the Season!

Believe in the Magic of the Season!With the holiday season in full swing, Net Atlantic employees teamed up with the Salem High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC (MCJROTC) in support of the Toys for Tots Program. We wanted to give back to the community and thought that the collection of toys for local children was a perfect way to spread our holiday cheer. We were able to raise more than four dozen toys thanks to the generosity of Net Atlantic employees. It was a great day when the Salem High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC came to join in the fun and pick up the toys to share the magic of Christmas.

New Email Campaign Deployment Service from Net Atlantic

If you don’t have the time or resources to launch your email marketing campaign, despite the positive impact it could have on your business, you should take note of a new service being offered by email service provider, Net Atlantic. Today Net Atlantic announced they are now offering an email marketing deployment service.

A team of Email Campaign Specialists will handle the necessary steps to get your email marketing campaigns delivered to your intended recipients. You collect your subscriber’s email addresses and design your campaign’s creative then send both to your Email Campaign Specialists and you are done.

Before your mailing is deployed you will receive a test mailing to review. After you have approved the mailing it will be scheduled to send at your specified time. Once the mailing has sent, and tracking statistics have been collected, a summary report will be sent to you so you can analyze your results.

Don’t have the time or resources to design your own compelling campaign or have questions about achieving the best results? Creative and Consulting Teams can handle that for you as well.

Net Atlantic’s team will serve as an extension of your marketing department; saving you time and resources. For more information about email marketing services contact an Account Executive at (877) 263-8285.

Net Atlantic’s Spring Client Advisory Board Meeting

We recently held another Net Atlantic Client Advisory Board and opened our doors once again to face-to-face feedback.

Like a lot of companies, we strive to exceed customer expectations and were thrilled to hear glowing feedback regarding our account and customer care teams. That’s right – you can reach us directly by phone, email and chat. We answer quickly.

We also took the other feedback to heart.

Although our platform reporting is good, we heard that we need to improve certain metrics such as visibility into what devices and email clients are being used by the message recipients. The good news is that for the last few months we have been formulating and reshaping a new Executive Summary Report that will be sent monthly to customers giving them a high-level view of all their subscribers and campaigns. The report is almost ready and all clients will begin to see that monthly report soon.  This summary report will also offer key advice on how to maximize results.

We divided the clients’ feedback into operations, customer support, development, and marketing initiatives. Each department has been tasked with creating action items around the feedback. Marketing for example will start working on a new series of best practices to send to customers to assist them with launching their campaigns. Our Development Team is currently looking at how they can enhance Net Atlantic’s application programming interface (APIs) and tracking analytics.

Customer feedback is vital to our success and we look forward to putting changes in place as a result of our interactions with our users last week. If you’re an existing customer please drop us a line and tell us how we’re doing or how we can improve. You can email us or give us a call at 978-219-1900.

If you’re not yet a customer, give us a call at 978-219-1910 and let us work with you on accomplishing your email marketing goals.

StrongMail is for Everyone


I love StrongMail. StrongMail’s email marketing platform, Message Studio, is one of the most modern and versatile interfaces I have ever used. And that’s saying a lot.

I’ve butted heads with more email marketing tools than I can remember, and a lot of them barely scratched the surface of what Message Studio can do.

Have You Heard?


Have you heard of StrongMail?

Who are they? Oh, only the leader in email marketing technology, with a platform used by some of the largest and best-known companies in the world.

So today, Net Atlantic is pleased to announce that we have partnered with StrongMail. Starting today, we offer StrongMail’s enterprise marketing platform, including Message Studio, with all of the advanced features that make it the most powerful email marketing solution available.

What are these features and why would you use them?

  • How about unlimited dynamic segmentation? You use it for highly personalized messages and complex automated sending.
  • And database integration? Seriously, it is extremely likely that StrongMail integrates with the CRM tool or customer database you are already using.
  • Social Media? What’s that good for? How about reaching a previously impossible level of engagement with your customer base? StrongMail’s Social Studio lets you figure out who is listening in the social realm, and gives you the tools to reach out to them.
  • What about Web Analytics? Would you like to know who is visiting your site, where they came from, what campaign sent them there, and what they are doing?