4 Critical Phases of Email Marketing Automation

A properly implemented email marketing campaign works much like a well-oiled machine. It’s effective, only requires a moderate amount of maintenance and supervision and produces results with little actual effort from its operators beyond its initial setup. And what’s more, it’s not this long, drawn out, manual experience each and every time you want to send out an individual mailing. You just set things up and it just hits the ground running, pretty much on its own.

What? That’s not been your experience? You’re doing what? Oh! Perhaps you haven’t been getting the most out of your email marketing machine. Perhaps you haven’t been apprised of the benefits of automation.

With automated campaign management tools, you can improve the timeliness of your email communications with customers without a thought, coordinate multiple engagement efforts simultaneously and, coupled with personalization, segmentation and relevant content, reach out more effectively to your audience with ease as your platform simply does it for you. Rather than go through the tedious, time-consuming and mentally taxing tasks involved in doing every single step in the mailing process yourself, use the tools available to you as an email marketer. You can then concentrate on what’s most important to your communications instead: your message.

Check out our infographic on the 4 Critical Phases of Email Marketing Automation to learn more!

Testing the Waters of Email Marketing

With any advertising approach that involves a mailing strategy, campaign testing is a vital component in getting the best return results with the resources you have available. Direct mailing has been the foundation of companies’ marketing strategies for generations, and still remains a dependable and reliable source of getting your message sent straight to the mailboxes of your customers.  However with the expansion of the ever popular social media methods, DM is often the first thing to be eliminated.  Because of this, it is important to adapt and expand your methods and focus on email marketing and the right type of campaign testing to prove that the physical piece alongside online mailing is still bringing in returns.

Is Your Email Campaign Missing the Mark?

Don’t Mistarget Your Marketing Efforts

Honing in on your target audience will help you sharpen your message.

A well-planned marketing campaign should take place before you hit the send button. To achieve success, targeted email marketing campaigns take time and patience. Many marketers make the mistake of batching-and-blasting to their entire email list. Rather than using a “one size fits all” approach, focus your marketing efforts and hone in on your target audience. Honing in on your target audience will help you sharpen your message.

Rethink your current marketing strategy by asking yourself a few simple questions:

  • Is the content relevant to my subscribers?
  • Does the email look good?
  • Does it reflect a positive image of my brand?
  • Am I getting the right message to the right subscriber at the right time?
  • Would I respond to the message if I got it?

Test This, Not That: Email Campaign Testing Beyond the Subject Line

Test This, Not ThatI’m sure you’ve read it before: employing testing as an optimization tactic has been proven to be an extremely efficient means of increasing email marketing performance. What you may not have read is that the most widely used testing strategies are not always the most effective.

Drive Engagement: Automate Your Lead Nurture Strategy

When creating your lead nurturing campaign it’s important that you carefully plan the flow of your emails to ensure that your overall campaign guides your leads through the funnel. Implement automatically triggered campaigns (a series of automated emails called a “drip” campaign) that deliver consistent brand messages at specified time intervals and when leads reach certain milestones. In a long sales cycle, messages need to be more informative and not a sales pitch. Offer them something of value (webinars, eBooks, white papers, articles, free reports, blog posts, etc.).

Here are five essential elements of an effective lead nurturing campaign:

Heat Up Your B2B Email Campaigns This Summer

Heat Up Your B2B Email Campaigns This Summer

I am sure, like me, your summer officially begins right about the time your burger (or grilled entree of choice) hits the grill on Memorial Day weekend. This means more time out of the office for you and well most of your consumers if you are a B2B marketer. With more people out of the office and less people to see your email campaigns when they hit your subscriber’s inboxes, here are some things you can do this summer to heat up your email marketing.

Make It Easy to Read on the Beach
Since people will be reading their emails while on the go or away from the office, they are more likely to be viewing their emails from a mobile device. Test your emails for readability on mobile screens before sending them.

Top 10 Things to Test to Boost Email Marketing Results

Email marketers often see their results slipping–fewer opens, a lower click-through rate and a dropping conversion rate–and panic. That’s understandable when the bottom line is at stake, but panicking won’t help you figure out what’s wrong with your email marketing strategy or how you can fix it. The only thing that can help is to test, test, test … and then test some more!

Remember that all 10 things to test below are meant to be tested over time. Don’t try to test too many things at once or too quickly, as you’re results likely won’t be accurate. Here are the main parts of your email marketing to focus on when you decide something needs to change:

Four ways Email Marketing Will Make or Break the 2012 Presidential Election

As the countdown begins for the 2012 Presidential Election, both candidates Romney and Obama have plenty to think about while they plan out their election campaign strategy. A sluggish U.S economy where job growth has stalled, troubles looming in Europe that threaten to produce another sovereign debt crisis, and subtle hints that emerging markets might not be able to sustain global growth are some of the main concerns that the presidential candidates will have to convince the American public they can solve.

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