Four ways Email Marketing Will Make or Break the 2012 Presidential Election

As the countdown begins for the 2012 Presidential Election, both candidates Romney and Obama have plenty to think about while they plan out their election campaign strategy. A sluggish U.S economy where job growth has stalled, troubles looming in Europe that threaten to produce another sovereign debt crisis, and subtle hints that emerging markets might not be able to sustain global growth are some of the main concerns that the presidential candidates will have to convince the American public they can solve.

The last thing on their minds is probably how to implement a better email marketing strategy in their campaigns. But research from past elections shows that an effective email marketing campaign can significantly help any presidential candidate increase their chances.

Here’s how this year’s candidates can increase their chances of winning this election.

  • Write briefer emails: An examination of successful presidential candidates’ campaign emails show that the best emails are the also the most concise. As an example, Romney’s emails have gained more traction than that of Ron Paul’s because his emails are usually under 200 words while Paul’s emails average about 600.
  • Expand social media presence: The reason that Ron Paul is relatively more popular with college students is that he has a strong presence in social media sites that younger generations tend to visit more frequently. It’s only natural to be a bit more curious and learn more about potential candidates if they are all over YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Make the “From” line from the candidate: Naturally, we are more inclined to recognize brands of prominent companies and names of famous people. Candidates can compel their viewers’ attention if we see that they have directly sent us emails. We’re very likely to open these emails if they were from Obama or Romney themselves, unless of course you are not planning to vote for either candidate.
  • Appear well-funded (or at least not needy): Asking for too many donation requests will bring into question your chances of winning the campaign. When they do make a request, they should offer a unique incentive (e.g., President Obama has offered dinners with celebrities. Romney’s campaign offered a chance to sit with him during a Patriot’s Day baseball game at Fenway Park).

In the backdrop of such global uncertainty, our two presidential candidates have much to think about.  They’re going to need to convince the public that they are capable of handling these problems in order to win the critical decisive votes from swing states. As a part of their presidential election campaigns, a strong email marketing and social media strategy must be on the top of their list.


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