Heat Up Your B2B Email Campaigns This Summer

Heat Up Your B2B Email Campaigns This Summer

I am sure, like me, your summer officially begins right about the time your burger (or grilled entree of choice) hits the grill on Memorial Day weekend. This means more time out of the office for you and well most of your consumers if you are a B2B marketer. With more people out of the office and less people to see your email campaigns when they hit your subscriber’s inboxes, here are some things you can do this summer to heat up your email marketing.

Make It Easy to Read on the Beach
Since people will be reading their emails while on the go or away from the office, they are more likely to be viewing their emails from a mobile device. Test your emails for readability on mobile screens before sending them.

Get Your Subscribers Out of the Office
In the summer, people desperately want to get out of their office and away from their computers. If you host an event for local customers to go to, it can be an incredible opportunity to market your services. In the emailed invitation make sure to highlight the food, drinks and entertainment that will be at your event. Done well, a summer event like this can cause a huge increase in profit, with benefits lingering long after the first snow fall.

Keep It Short and Fun
While at work people will want to be more productive and get more done in less time to get out of the office early. Keep your emails brief and to the point to keep their attention.  And remember to make the most of your email subject lines; people will be more hurried when scanning through their inboxes during the summer.

Add a Little Sunshine to Your Design
Change up your email template design and create a “feel-good” association with your product or messaging. Feature pictures of pristine beaches or a bright summer day or have your message revolve around favorite summer pastimes, like baseball or BBQs. These can result in better subscriber engagement with your campaigns.

Even when you would rather be on the beach then preparing an email marketing campaign, business must continue. Utilize the summer by designing creative email marketing. Remember you can also use these quieter months to test new marketing ideas and analyze past data.

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