Top Takeaways from the Email Evolution Conference 2013

Mobile Marketing was front and center at the DMA’s Email Evolution Conference.  Speakers and roundtable discussions were buzzing about what the increase in mobile usage means to email marketers. And it is easy to understand why:

  • 62% are using their smartphone every day and 80% don’t leave home without them.
  • Mobile email will account for 15 to 65% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type.
  • Stats say 42% of email is now opened on a mobile device.
  • 43% of mobile email users check email four or more times per day.

Believe it or not, your customers are mobile!  Now is the time to think about a mobile strategy around your marketing efforts for social, Web and email in order to ensure success.

Off the Record: Google Privacy Policy & Tools Simplified

You received an email from Google, saw an ad featuring a new privacy policy or keep hearing about Congress griping over Google’s new privacy policy; but all you want to do is read your email, search stuff online and chat with your colleagues without sharing your information for the world to see.

On March 1, 2012 Google will start adhering to a new simplified privacy policy across most of their products and services.  We’re going to quickly explain the highlights of Google’s simplified privacy policy and how it affects your use of their tools (certain products like Google Wallet are regulated by industry-specific privacy laws and will continue to keep their own set of policies).

Facebook Friends Wall Street: What Does this Mean for Its Users?

As early as today Facebook will announce it is going public. To most of us who use the social network as a means to communicate with friends and family we are wondering what the buzz is all about. So what if Mark Zuckerberg wants to file for an IPO (an initial public offering, if you were wondering, likely to be anywhere between $5 and $100 billion).

Being an end user and not someone who is considering buying stock in Facebook when it becomes available, I am curious how this will affect me. Here are some facts and opinions I have managed to scrounge up about that very topic.

The New York Times Email Mistake: Can It Happen To You?

By now you probably know about the New York Times’ little email error on Wednesday, December 27. But if you don’t, here’s the nutshell: The Times sent a ‘Cancellation’ email to 8.6 million people, presumably every single one of their online email subscribers. The email was meant only for those who actually subscribe to the paper’s home delivery service.

First the Times claimed it was spam, then blamed their email service provider Epsilon, and finally fessed up; The Times did it themselves.

Innovation Surrounds Mass TLC’s unConference

This past Friday I attended the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s Annual unConference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. This conference has been one of the best annual events put on by the MassTLC, and has grown tremendously just in the last couple of years. Have you ever been to an “unConference”?

The minute I walked into the large meeting room where  introductory speeches were given, I immediately felt the presence of 500+ innovative  New England business leaders. Nearly everyone there carried an air of  confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and appeared to listen very carefully to what  the speaker had to say in his opening remarks. I quickly assessed that this unConference was going to be like no other conference I had been to before. And I was right!

7 Email Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore

7 Email Marketing Trends You Cannot IgnoreAre your campaigns reaching the intended audiences?

To maximize the power of email — as well as emerging channels such as social and mobile — you have to think about how these channels fit into your overall marketing strategy and objectives. What channels are best suited to build your brand, help deepen customer relationships, or reach your target market?

Email marketing is an essential part of any successful marketing mix. Large enterprises, as well as small-to-medium sized businesses, use email marketing to engage their target audience by providing compelling and relevant content. The latest email marketing technology allows you to deepen customer relationships, turn leads into sales opportunities, and move them forward in the buying process.

Google+ Changes Your World

As usual, the Internet is hopping with activity as everyone’s talking about Google’s latest offering. The last couple of times it’s been talk of Google Buzz, the Big G’s answer to Twitter and their foray into the world of status updates and microblogging, and Google Wave, the Internet search giant’s attempt at redefining the electronic communication paradigm and their approach to collaborative editing. This time, though? The talk is about Google+.

If you look around the web, you’ll see that the vast majority of the talk regarding Google’s new hotness addresses concerns and questions as they would relate to the business world. How can marketing agencies leverage the userbase of Google+ in order to effectively reach their target audience? How will Google+ affect those companies who have invested so much in their Facebook presence? How will Google+ affect a company’s overall SEO strategy, if at all?

While those are all good questions, those questions pretty much only mean a whole lot to you if you’re a business. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not a business. I’m a person. In fact, I’m an end-user. But more to the point, I’m a designer.  If anything, this means that I look at things the way other people would (or should). So how about an evaluation of this new app from a person’s perspective?

Goodmail Closes: What Does This Mean for Senders?

We’re sorry to see the good folks at Goodmail ceasing operations after six years of providing their CertifiedEmail service. They provided a good viable solution for senders who wanted to “certify” that their mail was good, in the attempt to get the absolute best delivery possible.

How it works: Participating ISPs would theoretically prioritize incoming email from Goodmail, and deliver it promptly to the recipients’ inbox. Goodmail email would also, depending on many variables, display all images, include all links, and even display multidimensional applications such as video.

So what went wrong? Hard to know for sure, but we think we have a good idea.

Why Attend Conferences and Trade Shows?

Conferences and trade shows offer the highest potential to create new business opportunities, keep current on the latest industry trends, extend your professional network, and develop client and vendor relationships.

Despite a slower economy in 2009 and a bit of 2010, recession is not a time to pull back. It’s a time to work smarter, work harder, and improve your own professional development to maintain your competitiveness. Attend conferences and trade shows to stay fresh on what’s new and exciting, keep up to date on new and emerging technologies, and seek solutions. 2011 offers a host of trade shows to choose from, including:

See if any of them make sense to you. We can’t guarantee what your results will be if you attend, but we feel that it makes more sense than ever to keep up with the changes, progress and evolution of our dynamic industry.

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