Why You Need More Than One Email List Admin

Here’s a situation our support team runs across from time to time: A client calls us in a panic because her email list has been deleted, and she doesn’t know it happened or who was responsible. What a nightmare! But it doesn’t have to happen to you. There are some simple preventative measures you can take to avoid a similar scenario.

First, we recommend that our clients give more than one person admin access to their email program, so there’s always a backup. What’s NOT good, however, is when those admins are all using the same login. This is more common than you might think, and it can cause some serious problems.

For example, while in the process of reviewing some of your recent campaigns, you discover that:

  • Some (or all!) list members have been deleted
  • Content has been changed or removed
  • A mailing was sent to the wrong segment

…or some other concerning situation.

If all your admins are logging in with the same information, you have no proof of who was responsible for the mistake, and it’s more difficult (if not impossible) to get to the bottom of what happened.

That’s why we recommend having a separate login for each admin, based on their email address. This way, if something needs to be reviewed in the logs, you’ll be able to pinpoint who did what, because all actions performed can now be tracked to each individual admin.

Another reason to have separate logins is that if one person forgets the password and resets it, the other admins will not be able to login until they are made aware of the change. As you may have experienced, these are the kinds of “little” things that people tend forget to communicate, causing a lot of unnecessary confusion.

All of the above can be easily avoided by implementing the best practice of separate list admin logins.If you’re a current Net Atlantic customer, click here for instructions on how to add another administrator. Why not do it now, if you haven’t already?

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