Great News for High-Volume Senders: Gmail Postmaster Tools

At Net Atlantic, we’ve always believed in the value of using detailed data and reporting to improve email deliverability and overall ROI. So we were thrilled to see that Google has introduced Gmail Postmaster Tools.

With this new functionality, Google now provides detailed reporting that helps qualified, high-volume senders ensure their email reaches their recipients’ inboxes – not their spam folders.

According to Google, these senders can now analyze their email “using data on delivery errors, spam reports, and reputation” to diagnose issues, define best practices, and ultimately help Gmail get their messages where they need to go – into their recipients’ inboxes.

On the user end, Gmail Postmaster Tools incorporates the same technology developed for Google Search and Google Now to help users identify spam vs. wanted mail. In this way, they can take advantage of user feedback to further improve deliverability and ensure they are receiving the messages they want to receive.

This two-pronged approach ensures a better email experience for Gmail users all around – with the added benefit of helping senders get through to as many subscribers as possible with their message.

For more information, take a look at this recent blog post from Google Product Manager Sri Harsha Somanchi:

…and of course, check out Gmail’s Postmaster Tools pages:

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