ROI: Using Email Marketing as Part of Your Multi/Omni-channel Campaigns

You have a wealth of tools to choose from when developing an online marketing strategy, and there’s no doubt that certain tactics are more effective than others depending on the channel. However, there aren’t many content marketing formats that are successful across multiple channels and numerous campaigns. Email marketing is the exception to that principle, as it’s one of the best tools you can count on for purposes of ROI. Here’s why email is so useful and some tips on what you can do to harness that power.

The reasons email marketing is so effective. In general, content marketing is more effective than traditional advertising because its goal is to inform and entertain – not sell. Still, email surpasses other forms of content marketing in terms of delivering ROI for a few reasons:

  • Email is more personal: Prospects provide their contact information, enabling you to tailor communications to ensure you’re giving them information they want.
  • It’s cost effective: Unlike paid ads or native advertising on websites, email is free to send and receive. Plus, you’re reaching a targeted audience that you’ve already qualified, so none of your investment is wasted.
  • You can track email engagement: You’ll know when your message is opened and the details on click through rates.
  • Email supports other content marketing efforts: You can include links to your blog and share buttons for social media, so email is useful in driving traffic to other content assets

Statistics prove that email marketing works. If you’re not convinced about the reasons email marketing is so effective, take a look at the statistics.

  • 74% of internet users prefer to receive marketing messages via email.
  • 66% of those who open an email make a purchase after receiving it.
  • The ROI on email is $44.25 per every dollar spent.
  • When an email recipient places an order after receiving a marketing message, they spend 44% more on the site.
  • After placing a purchase based on an email marketing message, customers provide repeat business – ordering 28% more often.

Follow best practices to capture ROI.

  • Properly target your email marketing. Make it personal by addressing the recipient by name and delivering relevant, timely content.
  • Create a strong subject line. Grab the recipient’s attention with a subject line that inspires them to open the message.
  • Tell the reader what to expect. Start your message with a short statement of what the recipient will learn or how the message will make their lives easier.
  • Include a compelling call to action. Make sure your recipient knows what to do after consuming the material.

While it’s important to diversify your content marketing efforts, there are certainly good reasons to focus on email to get the most ROI bang for your buck. Email boosts engagement, nurtures leads and converts sales – even across multiple channels, which can be difficult to master. Few other online marketing tools are such proven winners in an omni-channel environment, so it’s time to align your efforts with best practices and take advantage of the ROI opportunities with email.

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