Missing Image? Lancelot Link to the Rescue!

You want to include that beautiful photo you took, or that gorgeous artwork you created, in your latest mailing. Your image is so good, you can’t wait for everyone to see it. But there’s a problem: when your email goes out, all your subscribers see is a blank space where your image was supposed to be, along with this message:

Bad Link Image

So what happened??

Trust me, this was not a diabolical plot launched by C.H.U.M.P. (Criminal Headquarters for the Underworld’s Master Plan), to make your mailing fail. But you may still need to call on Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp and his partner Mata Hairi, agents of A.P.E. (Agency to Prevent Evil) to help solve the problem.

You might be wondering how (or why!) I would connect a missing email image to a quirky, live action TV show from the ’70s about monkey spies… But do not doubt me, dear reader! It’s because…

The problem is likely the LINK for your hosted image!

Here’s what went wrong: If you copied and pasted the image link into your email, but for some reason you changed the location of the image before the email went out, that link won’t work because the image won’t be found at the other end.

So keep your images “alive”!

Most ESP’s offer some type of image library. The links to these images are tied to your account, so as long as you keep them, your links will work.

As a general rule, don’t change the information, name or location of an image that you have linked to in a mailing – unless you sent it a while back, or you’re absolutely positive you won’t want to reference that image or mailing again.

And be sure to test your email before sending it out; if there’s a problem with an image or a link, you’ll be able to fix it before your audience sees this:

Bad Link Image



Of course, if all else fails, grab a bunch of bananas and go see Lance and Mata Hairi’s boss, DARWIN. Maybe he can help you with that “missing link”!

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