Win $250 – Enter Your Best Email Design of 2012!

You worked hard in 2012 designing email templates that produced high conversion rates, generated traffic to your site and maximized your email marketing ROI. If you think you have created an award winning email, enter to win a $250 American Express Gift Card.

The rules are pretty simple. Send us your design by February 1, 2013. A panel of email marketing experts will review and score the entries. In March, we’ll announce our winners! Read our official rules below and enter today.

Good luck!

Official Rules:


The Net Atlantic Best Email Design of 2012 Contest is open only to existing customers of Net Atlantic and Atlantic Web Host. Employees of Net Atlantic and Atlantic Web Host are ineligible for this contest.

Contest Entries

To participate in the 2012 Net Atlantic Best Email Design Contest, please send any one of your 2012 email communications as a one-off mailing to Use a valid ‘From’ address as it is with this email address that we will be contacting you if necessary.

Submissions will be judged on criteria based on aesthetic appeal, content, as well as how well they follow industry standard best practices as set forth for email marketing.

Contest submissions should be received by Net Atlantic no later than 6:00 PM EDT, February 1, 2013. Each company is limited to only one entry. Subsequent entries made after the first received submission will be ignored.

Contest Results

The winning entries of the Best Email Design of 2012 Contest will be featured in a series of articles published on the Net Atlantic Email Marketing Blog starting off the series on Monday, February 25, 2013. Each article will prominently showcase the submitted design, a short description about the contest entrant’s company along with anecdotes and call outs from the submission’s evaluation period with the judges. Winners will be notified by email the day the post featuring their entry is published on the Net Atlantic Email Marketing Blog. At the close of the contest, posts will be made to various social media outlets identifying the winners openly.