Don Draper Would Deploy

One of my favorite things about Mad Men was the skill with which Don Draper did his job. His tenacity and creativity helped land major accounts, and his groundbreaking ideas and airtight pitches only helped.

Although the ad men of the 1960’s would not have known how to use a computer, nor would they have had access to the Adobe Creative Suite, agencies still needed to find new ways to differentiate themselves in a competitive industry. Today’s agency professionals are not strangers to this struggle.

One way to stand out is to manage client email deployments. Not only do additional services and channels like email increase company profitability, they also help clients save time and money. It can be dizzying for clients to source multiple boutique companies for a single campaign. So it would benefit marketing firms to understand the entire campaign cycle and offer a more robust suite of services.

When concepts “go viral”, or become catchy jingles or memes, clients can gain an incredible amount of exposure. The message and the creative are still the core of selling products and acquiring users. But to outperform the competition and reach the widest possible audience for their clients, many marketing firms and ad agencies understand the need to go above and beyond the standard menu of services. Many top-performing firms manage full production cycles, including multiple channels and staff specializing in mobile vs. desktop design, copywriting, SEO, and more. Some companies have even gone so far as to provide data services that help identify new users and customers for their clients to acquire.

This brings us to email deployment, which can be an easy and highly effective way to set your agency apart.

Say your agency provided a client with a campaign blueprint, and then the creative team integrated those ideas into content. What’s next? You could ship the design back to the client or recommend a reputable email service provider (ESP). Unfortunately, both options are an inconvenience for clients; loading them with the responsibility of content distribution. A better alternative would be for your agency to offer deployment services as part of a complete campaign package.

ESPs like Net Atlantic can manage the entire email deployment process, sending detailed metrics back to your agency to include in branded client reports. You don’t even need an email marketing manager in house (employment benefits can be so costly!), Instead, we can manage the sending process for you. It’s a win-win: you offer additional services without having to take on additional work, and your clients are happy because they’re saving time and getting more for their money.

I think if Don Draper were here today, he’d raise a glass of whisky and, through a cloud of cigarette smoke, he’d say, “Deploy!”





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