10 ways to get more from Twitter

If you’re like many businesses, you’re probably using Twitter as one of your primary social networks. But how do you know you’re getting all you can out of this popular social tool?

Here are 10 ways you can get more from your Twitter efforts:

Twitter Tip #1

Use Twitter to support in-person engagements, rather than relying on it by itself. While social networking can be rewarding and fruitful, it’s never going to be a substitute for the “real thing”.

Twitter Tip #2

Make sure people know how to find you on Twitter! Add the Twitter icon and link to your website, blog, etc. You can even create a user widget that displays your tweets (and you can customize how it looks, too). Go to the Gear Icon / Settings / Widgets / Create New to get started.

Twitter Tip #3

Be sure to include links to your Twitter account in your email signature – and on your business cards, too.

Twitter Tip #4

Post often, but don’t go too crazy. See how often your professional peers are posting, and use that as a gauge.

Twitter Tip #5

Avoid logging into Twitter once a day and sending out several tweets all at once. You will see better results (and avoid overwhelming your followers) by checking in off and on, a few times a day (say once in the morning, once around lunchtime, and once later in the afternoon). This will help you maintain a more consistent presence.

Twitter Tip #6

Post content as a service to your followers, instead of constantly promoting yourself or your business. Nothing will repel followers faster than incessant self-promotion.

Twitter Tip #7

In the same vein as Twitter Tip #6, use Twitter to help other members of your community more often than you use it to get help for yourself.

Twitter Tip #8

Be sure to respond publicly to tweets, so your followers can see that you’re actively participating in conversations.

Twitter Tip #9

To find more followers, search for keywords that are relevant to your business and interests (and even links to your own content). “Favorite” tweets that mention something you like, and/or follow the tweeter, and they might follow you back.

Twitter Tip #10

Follow Twitter trends to stay on top of what people are talking about around the web. You can customize the list to reflect trends in your own industry, interests, country, state, even other tweeters. To do this, go to the Trends box on the bottom-left of your screen and click “Change.”

What are some general rules or guidelines you use to get the most out of Twitter? Share below!




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