Simple Ways to Build Your Email List – Part 2

With all the noise out there – from blogs to social media to email to ads and more – it’s more important than ever to integrate your inbound marketing efforts.

You need to provide a consistent message to your customers and prospects across all of your marketing channels, so they don’t get confused about who you are or what you do. In addition, your message can make a greater impact and have a wider reach if people see it in more than one place.

You can start by leveraging your social media networks to build your email list. An easy way to do this is to give away something of high value in exchange for your new subscriber’s email address. Your giveaway could be anything from a free report, article, initial consultation, white paper, video series, coupon or discount… Your choice will depend on what fits best with your business model. Then, create a special offer for new email subscribers, and post a message about the offer, including a link to your email list sign-up page, on your various social networks.

By giving away high-value content, you start building trust and loyalty right away. And, as you continue to grow your relationship with your new subscribers over time, you can gather data that enables you to send more targeted communications to them via email.

A few more tips:

  • Use an eye-catching and relevant graphic or image in your posts, since text-only posts can get lost in the shuffle
  • Make corresponding social network updates for every email you send out
  • Be sure to include unique links to your landing page(s) for each post, so you can track how many page hits are coming from each source
  • Depending on your offer, you can also run related ads, promote the offer at live and online events, etc.

Once your social media fan becomes an email subscriber, treat them with the care and respect they deserve. As a reward for their increasing level of commitment to your brand, you should give your subscribers some exclusivity around your offers and promotions whenever possible. Give them early access to new products, services or event registration, special discounts or other perks for email subscribers only. This goes a long way toward reinforcing your relationship with your subscribers, making them feel special, and fostering goodwill.

We’d love to hear your ideas. Share your campaign integration techniques below in the comments!


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