Improve Data Quality by Verifying Email Addresses

Email remains a vital piece of contact information across all organizations and, in order to have a successful email campaign, deliverability is key. Ensuring email addresses are accurate allows you to get your message delivered to the intended recipients.

In my blog post titled, I’ve sent multiple emails and they’re not making it into my (or my recipients’) inbox!, I covered some of the most common reasons that emails may not be delivered to an inbox. In this post I discuss the benefits of real-time email verification, including:

  • Improved sender reputation: Sending to invalid email addresses can have a negative impact on sender reputation. The more reliable your database, the better your email deliverability; the more trusted your email sender reputation, the more opened emails, click throughs and conversions—all of which impact your bottom line.
  • Reduced bounce rate: Undeliverable emails (bounces) can mean the loss of prospects and customers that cost you handsomely to acquire. Some email address churn is normal, but database attrition associated with bounced emails can have a serious impact on your bottom line. By verifying your email addresses you’ll achieve higher delivery rates by minimizing the number of invalid addresses, significantly better campaign performance, and greater revenue generation.
  • Lower mailing costs: Sending fewer messages means lower mailing costs. If your customer information contains incorrect, duplicate, or incomplete data, you cannot effectively reach your entire database of contacts—and marketing to prospects with bad email address wastes time and money. Verifying email addresses ensures that more emails are delivered which results in improved campaign performance and customer service.
  • Increased deliverability and inbox placement: It’s simple, a clean email list will result in higher email delivery and inbox placement more frequently.

Undeliverable email represents reduced response rates, lost sales opportunities, and increased costs. Email verification will ensure reduced attrition rates by replacing undeliverable email addresses with valid, active email addresses.

Improve your campaign performance and positively impact your sender reputation, customer relationships and bottom line by making email verification a primary component in your email marketing strategy. Email verification plays a large role in reducing the number of bounced emails and delivery failures. We recommend using a cloud-based email verification service to determine—in real-time—if an email is valid and deliverable before you even send your message.


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