Harness customer data to improve relevancy

Differentiate customers, not just products

Moving into the New Year, marketers will need to make better use of customer data to engage and drive more relevant communications. By gathering insight about customers, marketers can begin to have more meaningful interactions through rich and deep customer intelligence.

Business intelligence data offers immense opportunity to better serve and engage customers. Expanding the customer profile with a combination of transactional and behavioral interaction data collected across multiple channels, empowers marketers to create highly targeted automated messaging. Start by tracking behavioral interactions, such as purchase history, clicks in your emails, and website activity. Use this data to segment your list and create actionable offers that are more integrated, personalized, and relevant across all your marketing activities.

Take a thoughtful approach to the wants and needs of your audience, and continue to optimize and grow your programs by getting to know your customer better. This process of gathering and analyzing information about customers can help you build deeper and more rewarding relationships with them by targeting your messages and customer communications to get them to the next level.

When collecting customer data, be sure to share your privacy policy with customers and advise them when and how you may use their information. For example, to send them discount coupons, newsletters, and transactional emails. Remember, before you send them promotional efforts, get their approval to use their data.

Put your customers’ data to work by using it to effectively execute marketing programs that yield results. Use their information to create automated lifecycle or trigger marketing messages that speak exclusively to particular individuals or segments.

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