How These Surefire Strategies Turned Around a Poorly Performing Newsletter

There are many challenges that come with improving delivery statistics.

As email marketers, we spend hours developing strategy, finding content, perfecting formatting, and eventually sending to our subscribers. We all know there is nothing more gut-wrenching than finding out the message wasn’t delivered to subscribers. This was occurring to one of our current clients before they came to Net Atlantic.

The Elijah List is an organization that gives trustworthy and daily prophetic worship and intercessory content to their followers. This organization sends about 50 million emails per month. A few years ago, while sending through their former email service provider (ESP), they noticed that their delivery statistics started to decline for their several hundred thousand subscribers.

Email deliverability is one of the biggest ongoing challenges for email marketers. Email deliverability asks a simple question, does my message get to the inbox?

The choice of an email service provider can directly affect deliverability. First, your ESP can affect how long mailings take. If you’re a company sending multiple emails a day, your morning email campaign might not even be completely sent before your afternoon send begins. Second, if your ESP’s server is shared with other client email, your list could suffer. If other clients of your ESP have a bad reputation or invalid email addresses, your list could suffer from low inboxing. Lastly, if the shared server was blacklisted by an Internet Service Provider, your mailings might not even be received at all.

There are many different ways to figure out Why Your Emails Are Not Going Into the Inbox. After signing up with Net Atlantic, our email delivery team was able to provide The Elijah List with a series of carefully executed recommendations to dramatically increase their inboxing.

Net Atlantic realized that these deliverability issues were based on multiple factors, including subject line text, server sending speeds, and message formatting. The first fix, that being increasing sending speed and capacity, was easily solved. Amazingly, our large number of servers and email sending volume allowed the ramp-up time to take only one week. The email delivery time was reduced from three hours at the former email service provider to just thirty minutes. After just a few sends, the Elijah List saw improved delivery rates, open rates, and conversions. Other fixes were also applied for improved results.

Deliverability is crucial. Successful deliverability leads to success in email marketing, increases and conversions, and helps win inbox competition with other competing email and newsletters. Working alongside with you, Net Atlantic gives you the tools and resources to continually monitor inboxing rates, activity, and engagement levels to better understand what a subscriber wants and then to tailor your email marketing to their wants and needs.

Read more about the Elijah List in this case study and subscribe to The Elijah List here.


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