Rolling Out a Successful Lifecycle Marketing Campaign

Rolling Out a Successful Lifecycle Marketing Campaign

Not too long ago, one of our clients was asking about the best way to roll out a lifecycle marketing campaign (LCM or drip). For those of you who are not aware of what an LCM campaign is – it is an email marketing technique for sending multiple messages to a group of subscribers in an automated fashion. This client’s goal was to increase qualified leads in order to boost sales.

One of our internal consultants strategized with the client regarding the project and the following criteria was established:

  • Use concepts from a newly written client White Paper as the basis for the content of the emails in the campaign
  • Use a call to action button to offer the White Paper as a free download
  • Use existing prospects in the client’s CRM system that have not been contacted in the previous 12-month period as the target

With each email sent, there were three choices the prospect could make:

  • Open the email and download the White Paper
  • Open the email but don’t download the White Paper
  • Ignore the email

Seven emails were written as part of the series. If a prospect opened the first email and downloaded the White Paper, a thank you email was automatically triggered to thank them. The prospect info was sent back into our customer’s CRM system and assigned to a Representative.

If a prospect opened the first email but did not download the White Paper, they would receive the second email in the series forty-eight hours after they opened the first one.

If a prospect does not open the email at all, they will get the first email again, with a different subject line seven days later.

The project went live about 2 weeks ago and the results have been outstanding, to date. The open rate on the initial email was 12.5% and when the second email went out to the unopeners, another 7% opened the email. When the industry average open rate is 5% – these results are phenomenal. Additionally, the download rate is between 1 and 1.5%, resulting in 60 new leads (out of 2,500 initial emails) in just two weeks.

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