Simple Ways to Build Up Your Email List – Part 1

Here’s a little secret…

There’s a really easy way to build up your email list. It takes very little time to implement, there’s no learning curve, and it can get you results fast.

It’s simply this: Make sure you have sign-up forms all over your website. Strategically placed, of course, on key pages where it makes sense: the home page, the “contact” page, and pretty much anywhere you have high-value content like articles, blog posts, etc. If it works for your business model, you could even build your form into the site framework so it shows up on every single page of your site in the same place.

A couple of other guidelines:

  • Put the sign-up form in an obvious, easy-to-find area on the page (top right, right-hand nav…)
  • Think of the person filling out the form, and don’t make it a long, arduous process for them. It should be quick and easy.

In my travels across the Internet, I still see a lot of sign-up forms with 5 – 10 required fields. I realize that this might be necessary in some businesses and industries, but in most cases it’s not, and it will actually deter people from signing up at all. So as a general rule, keep it short and sweet. Most of the time, just two or three fields will suffice: Name – or first name and last name – and email address.

That’s it!

Try making this simple update to your website, and track your email sign-up rate for a couple of weeks to see if you notice an increase. And don’t forget to let us know how it worked for you in the comments below!




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