Moving Beyond Segmentation

5 Ways to Segment Your Email List

Customer intelligence and behavioral profiling for a more focused email marketing campaign

Last week I discussed tapping into rich subscriber data to deliver a unique customer experience. Grouping customers into one catch-all segment no longer works. A highly targeted email marketing strategy means a higher campaign conversion rate.

When it comes to their online marketing strategies, marketers must increasingly rely on technology to deliver more relevant messages to the right person at the right time.

A solid email marketing segmentation strategy based on customer intelligence and behavioral profiling is a must in times where subscribers demand personalized, relevant content and offers. For example, if you identify your most profitable customers you may realize that large corporations fit better with your business strategy and would, in the long run, be more profitable than individual purchasers. The focus should be on developing different marketing strategies including price point and offerings for larger organizations.

If you cannot identify common patterns that are constantly evolving, you risk allocating resources to customers, offers and issues that may or may not add value—to the customer or your organization.

When you develop a context-rich relationship with customers it will allow you to pinpoint important demographic characteristics, purchasing preferences and habits that individual customers have. As you observe patterns and begin to know your customer more intimately, you’ll be able to define and refine your product offerings, value proposition, and marketing messages in response to what you learn about your customers. The more insight you can glean, the more you’ll be able to consistently deliver relevant messages to engage the customer and achieve a desired response.

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