Subscribers Want To Hear From You RIGHT NOW

When I subscribe to an organization’s email or mobile marketing communication it is at that very moment I am looking to engage in a meaningful relationship with that company. As soon as I type in my information and hit submit I immediately check my Blackberry or Gmail account to ensure my subscription went through and see what valuable piece of information that company has to share with me; whether it be an exclusive discount, an insightful whitepaper, or a simple message asking if I was sure I wanted to opt-in.

It is quite disappointing when I don’t see a message within minutes or even hours of
subscribing with at least a thank you for sharing what I consider to be my valuable personal information. My interest in whatever product I was curious about has quickly faded and usually I am on to the next organization that can provide me with comparable products or services. Although I like to think I am unique, I have to believe a lot of people have similar reactions when their subscription to a service goes unrecognized for an extended period of time.

This lack of loyalty from your newest subscribers can easily be avoided; early engagement campaigns provide you with the opportunity to interact with your clients at the very moment they are most interested in your company. Email and mobile marketing automation allows you to create campaigns that convert a prospect into a steadfast customer at the most opportune time.

  • After someone subscribes to your company’s communications set up a welcome message; incorporate a compelling incentive and a meaningful thank you.
  • If they take advantage of a compelling offer and purchase an item or maybe even two; trigger an email that asks them about their shopping experience.
  • A week after they signup why not encourage them to connect with your through your social media channels; there you can start two way dialogue and deepen your relationship.
  • As you send your first couple of correspondences collect data preferences to better understand your customers; track whether they respond to value added offer or campaigns that are interactive.

You can start nurturing a relationship from the moment your subscriber hits submit by incorporating sequential mailings into your marketing. Furthermore you can be more relevant to your potential customer by setting triggered emails that determine what message or action to send based on a user’s behavior. Taking the time to implement early engagement campaigns will increase your conversion rates and result in a more profitable marketing initiative.

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