Email Newsletter Design Dos and Don’ts for Publishers

Email Newsletter Design Dos and Don’ts for Publishers

As a health and wellness publisher, you rely heavily on subscribers engaging with your email campaigns. If your email doesn’t catch their attention right away, it probably won’t have much impact. For your emails to land in your subscribers’ inbox and get results, your email needs to be formatted correctly and well-designed. If you’ve been using the same template for your newsletter for months, or even years, it’s time to totally redesign your newsletter, or simply modify a few things, to give your subscribers something fresh to keep them engaged.

We’ve put together a guide that illustrates what to DO and what NOT to do when crafting your email newsletters.  We highlight common mistakes that health and wellness publishers make when constructing an email campaign. With tips from this visual guide, you can optimize your health and wellness newsletters for visual appeal, subscriber engagement and inbox delivery. From color, length and layout to subject lines and calls-to-action, we’ll help you avoid common pitfalls, drive opens and conversions, and  increase the productivity of your email marketing programs.

Download Email Newsletter Design Dos and Don’ts for Publishers.

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