Hotelier Email Marketing Challenges & Solutions [Post 3 of 5]

Email marketing is an excellent tool for hoteliers to stay in touch with their guests and prospects. Travel related email campaigns retain a loyal audience and create direct revenue opportunities with past, present, and future customers. In this five part blog series we will address common challenges hoteliers face and explore how email marketing is the most effective solution to meet these challenges.

Today’s blog post highlights how hotel marketers can consolidate data to deliver one-to-one messages in real-time. Whether you are new to email marketing or are looking to refine your email campaigns, learn how you can use email to drive action and increase profits.

Integrate Data Systems

Challenge: Not being able to send personalized emails because of lack of consolidated customer data

Solution: Integrate data systems to personalize your automated email communications

Benefit: Ability to send highly targeted offers in real time

Seamless integration between your email marketing system and your internal databases eliminates the need to manually upload Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data and email tracking data. By synchronizing your email marketing data with your external database, you’ll be improving guest communication and marketing efficiency. Hoteliers should consider integrating their data systems to:

  • Retrieve email marketing activity information quickly. By using a single interface, hotel marketers can quickly gather information from various sources rather than having to log into different applications resulting in greater ef?ciency and productivity.
  • Send automated messages in real-time. Instead of having to export lists from the CRM and import them into your email marketing platform, the email marketing platform can be used to query the database directly, allowing you to schedule regular promotional campaigns to send to an automatically updated customer database in real-time.
  • Create an enhanced customer experience. Send a dynamic email template for reservation confirmations that are populated with personalized, custom offers and delivered to each recipient immediately following a booking.
  • Seamlessly target campaigns through greater segmentation. New email campaigns can be segmented based on the click-through results of prior campaigns. More relevant content means more highly targeted messages and fewer unsubscribes.
  • Better manage subscription data. Manage a contact’s preferences for various types of personalized communications (e.g., special seasonal promotions, spa packages).
  • Gain an understanding of the effectiveness of the campaign. Email campaign data (opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.) will go directly into the CRM so you can track which campaigns are most effective in driving visitors to your website.

By integrating email with your CRM data, you can identify your most influential and profitable customers and create, manage and send out highly targeted promotions to extremely specific customer lists. Trigger-based campaigns can be set up to capture additional revenue by automatically delivering up-sell and cross-sell offers to guests before they arrive. In short, you drive increased revenue into your hotel or inn by getting the right messages to the right audience at the right time!

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