Hotelier Email Marketing Challenges & Solutions [Post 1 of 5]

Email marketing is an excellent tool for hoteliers to stay in touch with their guests and prospects. Travel related email campaigns retain a loyal audience and create direct revenue opportunities with past, present, and future customers. In this five part blog series we will address common marketing challenges hoteliers face and explore how email is still the most effective solution to meet these challenges.

Today’s blog post highlights how email marketing can help hoteliers improve hotel sales through higher room bookings. Whether you are new to email marketing or are looking to refine your email campaigns, learn how you can use email to drive action and increase profits.

Increase Revenue Through Higher Room Bookings

Challenge: Wanting to improve hotel sales through direct room bookings
Solution: Use email marketing as a sales and relationship nurturing tool
Benefit: Attracts more guests and increases profits

Email marketing in hospitality makes sense because it is a top sales performer and an excellent relationship building tool. Staying in touch with your past guests and your prospects can be one of the most effective ways to deliver revenue growth to your hotel. Hotel marketers can use email marketing campaigns to:

  • Send relevant campaigns that drive conversions. Send highly targeted personalized offers to very different audience segments to drive responses.
  • Re-engage guests with triggered email. Use email as an automated sales force (a series of emails can be set up—timed and trigger-driven—to attract more guests); once configured and automated, your campaigns are executed without effort.
  • Boost recurring revenue through up-selling. Use email to sell related products and services that deliver value to your guests (e.g., chilled champagne, room upgrades, etc.) within transactional email communications.
  • Enhance customer engagement by cross-selling. Partner with local retailers and offer exclusive discounts to your guests (e.g., snorkeling packages, golf packages, etc.), providing a great value-add to the stay.
  • Reinforce your hotel’s brand with timely messages. Use email to build top-of-mind awareness by sending timely content that reinforces a favorable guest experience.
  • Establish and nurture guest relationships. Send a pre-stay welcome email prior to their arrival; a post-stay thank you email; and, to loyal guests, personalized communications notifying them of exclusive offers, new amenities, or special packages.

Communicating via email is simple, fast and cost-effective. If used properly, it can generate significant ROI for hoteliers because it helps you create a dialogue and build relationships. The key is to make your emails stand out by delivering messages that are timely, relevant and personalized. It is not a broadcast medium where you can just “batch and blast” out messages, but one when carefully crafted and segmented can deliver highly compelling and contextually-rich messages that drive people to act time after time.

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