How I Spent My Sabbatical: Anthony Monti

As part of Net Atlantic’s goal to promote a healthy work/life balance for our employees, we have a unique sabbatical program.

What’s a sabbatical? Well, once an employee has been with us for 7 years, they are able to take three months off to travel, focus on creative projects, take classes, volunteer, or use the time in whatever way will best help them restore their energy and refresh their perspective.

Great News for High-Volume Senders: Gmail Postmaster Tools

Gmail Postmaster Logo

At Net Atlantic, we’ve always believed in the value of using detailed data and reporting to improve email deliverability and overall ROI. So we were thrilled to see that Google has introduced Gmail Postmaster Tools.

ROI: Using Email Marketing as Part of Your Multi/Omni-channel Campaigns


You have a wealth of tools to choose from when developing an online marketing strategy, and there’s no doubt that certain tactics are more effective than others depending on the channel. However, there aren’t many content marketing formats that are successful across multiple channels and numerous campaigns. Email marketing is the exception to that principle, as it’s one of the best tools you can count on for purposes of ROI. Here’s why email is so useful and some tips on what you can do to harness that power.

Net Atlantic Gives Back: 2015 Scholarship Winners!


Salem, MA – June 24, 2015 – Net Atlantic congratulates Ashley Augulewicz (pictured left) and Madeline Thomas (pictured center), both of Beverly High School, on winning the Net Atlantic 2015 Scholarship awards for Science and Technology Achievement, as well as Leadership Achievement, respectively.

Putting the Heat (Maps) to Email Marketing Analytics

Heat Map blog post image

If you knew the existence of an email marketing tool that could tell you what your recipients are reading, where to position your material within an email and how to lay it out, you wouldn’t hesitate to jump on board. That’s exactly what heat mapping technology does, but many marketers aren’t taking advantage of this tool – especially as it relates to performance analytics. Once you know more about how heat mapping works and the insights it offers, it makes sense to implement such a solution and start learning more about what makes your target audience tick.

5 Keys to Avoiding a Bad (Sender) Reputation


Your Sender Score, a ReturnPath metric to gauge your reputation as an email sender, is pretty important. It determines whether or not the door to recipient inboxes is open to your email communications and whether or not you’re even a welcome visitor. Heck, it determines whether or not you can even knock on that door as email marketers with poor Sender Scores are often not permitted anywhere near the premises! They either have their emails shunted to a spam folder automatically or recipient ISPs outright refuse the delivery of their messages entirely. Your Sender Score is pretty serious business.